The school uniform is a symbol of unity within the school community. The complete uniform is to be worn at all times unless otherwise directed. The school uniform regulation is strictly enforced at St. Margaret Mary School.  If the child is missing any pan of the uniform or gym uniform, he/she is considered in violation of the school regulations. A note signed by a parent should be sent in with the child to explain any uniform deviations. The uniform requirements are as follows:


GRADES 6. 7 & 8
White blouse    White blouse
Plaid jumper, burgundy vest and slacks Plaid skirt, burgundy vest and slacks
Burgundy socks/tights Burgundy socks/tights
Black school shoes Black school shoes


White dress shirt with collar
Uniform gray dress pants with a black or gray belt.
Gray socks.
Black school shoes.
Plaid school tie.


St. Margaret Mary shirt - long or short sleeves
Plaid pull-up pants - Girls Gray pull-up pants - Boys
Black school shoes Black school shoes

St. Margaret Mary School T-shirt, shorts, or sweat suit may be worn for gym with sneakers and white athletic socks

Only a burgundy uniform CARDIGAN or V-NECKED SWEATER WITH THE ST. MARGARET MARY EMBLEM MAY BE WORN IN SCHOOL. Boys and girls should wear their hair so as to have it out of their eyes at all times. Boys' hair must be kept short, never touching the collar of the shirt. Braids for boys and FAD HAIRCUT DESIGNS ARE NOT PERMITTED.  The school reserves the right to issue a dress code for field trips. The St. Margaret Mary School uniform summer shirt may be worn beginning June 1st or whenever the principal designates.

Good grooming is a part of a neat appearance. Children should come to school clean and well-groomed. Clothing should be tidy, hair should be combed, shoes should be polished and personal hygiene should be taken care of daily. Whenever a child is wearing the uniform of St. Margaret Mary School he/she represents his/her parents and the entire school community. Therefore, the school reserves the right to discipline students for any acts on school grounds, in the vicinity of the school or elsewhere contrary to the code of Christian behavior being taught in the school.