Discipline is a very important part of any truly excellent education.  The rules of the school are made to protect the children.  A student of St. Margaret Mary School is expected to conduct himself/herself by Christian standards at all times, showing respect for order, morality, personal honor, integrity and the rights of others in the school community. By accepting admission, the student and parents agree to abide by the rules and regulations of the school and support the school in helping a child to accept personal responsibility for his or her actions. Any corrections made by the principal or the teachers are to be respected.


1) Jewelry (with the exception of small inconspicuous earrings for the girls).
2) Make-up or nail polish.
3) Tattoos, haircuts, pins or buttons proclaiming the latest fad.
4) Chewing gum, matches, spray paint, fireworks, alcohol, drugs or anything judged to be a weapon or otherwise inappropriate or harmful to anyone by the principal or teachers.
5) Toys, cards, handballs, basketballs, or footballs unless authorized by the principal or teachers.
6) Magic markers unless requested by the teacher.
7) I-Phones, I-Pods, I-Pads, Cell/Camera Phones, MP3 Players, Cameras, any Hand Held Electronic Devices, Specialty Watches, etc. or anything deemed a distraction from the instructional program of the school. Parents must request and sign the official school permission slip if a child has their authorization to carry a cell phone for before or after school use. Cell phones are to be turned off upon entering the school gate and left in the child's book bag until they exit the gate to leave. Violation of this policy will result in the confiscation of the cell phone and a fine to retrieve it.

Police will be called and parents will be notified if any child violates the law or brings anything into the school building deemed harmful by the administration to the other children or staff The school reserves the right to expel a child for any violation of the law.

Disciplinary Actions
A student may be disciplined for the following:
1) Unexcused or repeated lateness
2) Failure to meet the requirements for homework completion
3) Coming unprepared for school, cheating or plagiarism
4) Being out of uniform, uniform skirt rolled up or too short
5) Using make-up or nail polish
6) Disrespect
7) Disrupting the learning environment
8) Physical, sexual, emotional or verbal harassment or immorality of any kind.
9) Assaulting anyone in the school community
10) Inappropriate use of Internet including instant and text messaging
11) Misconduct in the After-School Program
12) Profane or inappropriate language
13) Violation of the school cell phone or electronic device policy

A student will be subject to drastic disciplinary measures such as NO RE-REGISTRATION, PROBATION, SUSPENSION, or EXPULSION for the following:
1) Habitual lateness, truancy, or frequent unexplained absences
2) Delinquency, racial, gender, or sexual harassment, immorality, bullying, substance abuse, stealing, vandalism and any actions which the principal deems harmful or which threaten the well-being of the other children or staff of the school community
3) Misbehavior which takes the teacher away from the role of instruction
4) Acts of disobedience or defiance of school rules and Archdiocesan regulations
5) Defiance of the authority of a teacher or the principal
6) Failure to cooperate with the school regarding the instructional program and the completion of homework or class work.  Failure to get test papers, or homework report notes signed by a parent
7) Any threat of harm, force or violence toward other students or school personnel either by the child, his/her parents or family members
8) Failure to honor the financial agreement
9) Violation of the Internet Acceptable Use Policy