If your child is ill in the morning and you feel that he/she will not be able to complete a full day in school, please keep the child home. For the safety of your child, CALL THE SCHOOL BEFORE 9 A.M. to report an absence. Your phone call reassures us that you know where your child is and that nothing has happened to him/her on the way to school. A WRITTEN NOTE EXPLAINING THE ABSENCE IS DUE ON THE DAY YOUR CHILD RETURNS TO SCHOOL. If your child is absent for several consecutive days, a note from the doctor is required upon return.  More than ten days absent will result in a warning letter, possible discharge of the student to a more suitable program or the repetition of the grade.

All requests to remove a child before the end of the school day must be sent in writing to the principal twenty-four hours before the child must leave the school building. A parent must come to pick up the child being dismissed before the end of the school day. PARENTS SHOULD TRY TO ARRANGE ALL APPOINTMENTS WITH DOCTORS AND DENTISTS DURING AFTER-SCHOOL HOURS OR AT TIMES WHEN THE CHILDREN ARE NOT IN SCHOOL. FAMILY VACATIONS ARE NOT TO BE PLANNED FOR THOSE DAYS WHEN SCHOOL IS IN SESSION.

If a student becomes ill in class, the child will be sent to the office by the teacher and the parent or person designated by the parent on the emergency card will be notified. IT IS VITAL THAT THE SCHOOL HAVE A NUMBER WHERE A PARENT CAN BE REACHED IN AN EMERGENCY.  Students leaving before the regular dismissal time must be picked up by a parent or an adult designated in writinsz bv the parent. who must sign them out in the office before leaving. Only students who have been present for the entire day every day that school is in session will be eligible for a Perfect Attendance Award. Medication may only be administered under the supervision of a parent or guardian. Requests for a parent to administer medication must be certified in
writing by a doctor's prescription.  If a child has a chronic illness, the parent must notify the school in writing in September when the Medical Form is due.  All New York State immunization requirements for school entrance and attendance must be met.

The State of New York makes an important distinction between legal and illegal absence.  Some instances of illegal absence are: babysitting, vacation, shopping, needed at home, truancy, going on appointments with parents, etc. Accidents or incidents where a child is hurt must be reported immediately to the supervising teacher who in turn notifies the office.