At St. Margaret Mary Catholic School we believe that a relationship with God and a sound education are the essentials upon which a child can build a future. It is the goal of the school to graduate outstanding Christian young men and women who are ready to take their place in society for the betterment of the world. Strong emphasis is placed on values education, mutual respect, caring about others in the family and the faith community of the school, sharing with those in need, service to others, sacrifice, the value of work, self-discipline, and on recognizing the dignity of each person.

All students at St. Margaret Mary School are treated with equal respect regardless of race, color, gender, national or ethnic origins. We strongly encourage daily prover, regular Sunday worship, and responsible moral conduct. It is essential that the home reflect the same values that are being taught in the school so that the child can be formed spiritually as well as physically, mentally, emotionally and morally.

Because we recognize the many sacrifices being made by the parents of the children to give them a quality education, the faculty and staff of
St. Margaret Mary School pledges itself to loving service to our students and their families through the ministry of Catholic education.