At St. Margaret Mary Catholic School we believe that a relationship with God and a sound education are the essentials upon which a child can build a future. It is the goal of the school to graduate outstanding Christian young men and women who are ready to take their place in society for the betterment of the world.


The academic program at St. Margaret Mary School follows the course of study prescribed by New York State and approved by the Archdiocese of New York. St. Margaret Mary is an Accredited School and the academic program is one of which we can be justifiably proud. In addition to the curriculum, homework, standardized tests, field trips and religious services are all part of the instructional program and are not optional. Graduation and promotion are contingent upon a student demonstrating mastery of the grade level course of studies.


The school uniform is a symbol of unity within the school community. The complete uniform is to be worn at all times unless otherwise directed. The school uniform regulation is strictly enforced at St. Margaret Mary School.  If the child is missing any pan of the uniform or gym uniform, he/she is considered in violation of the school regulations. A note signed by a parent should be sent in with the child to explain any uniform deviations. The uniform requirements are as follows:



Homework is an essential pan of the instructional program and reinforces learning. It serves as a means for clarifying and reviewing material learned in class, for providing motivation and opportunity for individual growth, and for creating experiences of in-depth study and supplementary reading. A student should have his/her homework written down in the official homework pad. Students are required to complete all homework and it is expected that parents or guardians sign the homework indicating that it is neat and complete.


If your child is ill in the morning and you feel that he/she will not be able to complete a full day in school, please keep the child home. For the safety of your child, CALL THE SCHOOL BEFORE 9 A.M. to report an absence. Your phone call reassures us that you know where your child is and that nothing has happened to him/her on the way to school. A WRITTEN NOTE EXPLAINING THE ABSENCE IS DUE ON THE DAY YOUR CHILD RETURNS TO SCHOOL.


Discipline is a very important part of any truly excellent education.  The rules of the school are made to protect the children.  A student of St. Margaret Mary School is expected to conduct himself/herself by Christian standards at all times, showing respect for order, morality, personal honor, integrity and the rights of others in the school community. By accepting admission, the student and parents agree to abide by the rules and regulations of the school and support the school in helping a child to accept personal responsibility for his or her actions.